Let's Grow Dentistry Together!

Dentistry is a very noble profession. As we study to become qualified dentists and dental practitioners, we also become good human beings. And when we walk out of dental colleges into this world, it also becomes our duty to uplift and empower dentistry as a profession. Off late dentistry has started losing its charm and value due to various reasons, and I want to change that. My blogsite is an effort towards the change that I, along with your support can bring. I invite you to share your thoughts, ideas and best practices for your dental clinic that can help the peers and colleagues do a better dentistry. You will get your due credit for any inputs in the articles and blogs shared here.

About the site

This is a blogsite for dentistry and related subjects. In an effort to speak the unspoken, it has various blogs and articles written under different categories such as dental clinic management, dental clinic growth, global matters of dentistry, general stuff about dentistry, latest news and happenings in and around dental subjects and some fun stuff too.
All in all, you should expect a lot of authentic information, sensitive subjects, dental clinic management tips and a lot of dentertainment (the dental fun stuff!).