My First Ever Extraction

my first dental extraction


Lady, you are only good for cutting vegetables in the kitchen!

I hear this and my heart skips a beat. Although I have heard Nandesh sir say this to at least ten females before, but today the sound of it is more scary than ever. Next patient that comes will be allotted to me. It is going to be my first ever extraction case. I will be giving an LA injection in someone’s mouth. OMG! What if I inject too much or in the wrong region, what if he gets injured or worse a syncope, No no no no! Oh God, please save me, if I make a mistake Nandesh sir is going to kill me.

Do I have all the equipments ready? I hope the patient comes late, so I get to reschedule him for tomorrow.

“What happened to Jhansi ki rani, fat gayi?” Asks my friend.

“Be yaar, ye tope (a cannon) ki awaz sun ke dar gayi hu mai.’ “lady you are good for cutting vegetables” I say It mimicking Nandesh sir in a funny way.

“Acchha sun, aaj lunch me kya hoga?”

“Really? You are talking to me about lunch? Dude I will be doing my first ever extraction today!”

“Chill yaar, someday you will laugh remembering all this. Today will be memory soon!”

“I hope a good one”

“Relax man. Dekh, no matter what you do, wo to bolega hi “lady you are good for cutting vegetables only. Go to the kitchen, don’t come here.”

This time he mimicked, and I laughed.

“85!” Shouted the Nurse.

My role number! A patient was allotted to me. Finally! I thought, let’s get it over with!

Maintaining my composure, I walked to the reception desk, completed the entry, and got the patient to the dental chair.

 He was a middle aged man, with grade-2 mobile 45.

That’s an easy one, I thought.

I went to call Nandesh sir, to present the case history and take an approval before extraction. He came , saw the case and my viva started. After a round of what I thought was a satisfactory case presentation, he gave a go ahead.

And, now that the moment had arrived, my hands started shivering, even before I could unpack the needle. With my shivering hands and wavering mind, I started to fill Lidocaine in the syringe.

Lady, are you planning to kill him?

The patient looked at me with what I perceived a very nasty look. Although I was pretty sure he didn’t understand English, I was still embarrassed at the way he looked at me.

How much of LA would you inject for a mobile tooth? That too a premolar?

Uh, Oh, 2 to 3 ml sir! ( I recalled)

When are you planning to start the procedure, today or tomorrow?

I gave a brief to the patient on what should he expect  to happen next and I started.

My hands had never shivered so much in my entire lifetime. Never! I am sure of it!

Somewhere between, my needle being positioned to give an infiltration and the injection completed, I felt a hand come over to the syringe that I was holding in the patient’s mouth, and push my thumb to release the anesthetic.

I was relieved! I pulled out the syringe, and massaged the infiltration area.

“Now lingual infiltration”

This time, I was more confident, at least comparatively! I held the syringe in the position and pushed the liquid (I think I was still shivering).

Finally, LA done. Ah! What a relief. If I wasn’t in the department, I would have danced.

Time came for me to start elevating, with a peri-osteal elevator, I started. I knew at least 20 eyeballs were looking at me and my hands; it was almost like me playing for a national team. Talk about audience pressure!! 

The periodontitis caused it to bleed. I managed to extract well though. When I turned to show sir before closure, I saw an approval on his face and a fainted batch mate behind me.

While everyone rushed to manage her, I managed the patient and my first ever extraction was SUCCESSFUL!

No matter how many cases you perform in your lifetime, but the first ones are always special. Especially the first extraction case!

Once my batch mate came back to senses we all went to lunch, I owed them one it seems! So, I did!

What’s your first extraction story, I am sure there is one. Please share in the comment section.!