Most Frugal Patient Feedback System

Patient feedback

When I speak to my dentist friends about whether they acquire a patient feedback, very few are the ones to say yes and most of them do not.

The reason, they say is that they do not understand the patient feedback mechanism and do not want to invest in expensive CRMs and software.

This could be true to all clinics such as physicians, dermatologists and such. Since they do not understand the importance of acquiring patient feedback and the power of the feedback given by patients, they never attempt to find ways to do it. And so, it always seems like a complicated and time-consuming process for them. Like really! If you knew how powerful a patient’s feedback really is, you would spend time and energy acquiring it, just as much as marketing your clinic.

A customer’s voice is the best kind of marketing you could ever get. We will talk more about that later. In this blog, I want to only stick to the most frugal way of acquiring patient feedback.

Today’s patients are tech savvy; everyone has a smart phone and knows how to navigate through basic applications. To get more people to give you feedback, you must make the system easy for them. This is the first point to keep in mind, If you want more feedbacks, make it easy for patients to give you one.

The easiest way to acquire a feedback, without any cost and without any set-up would be through Google Forms. This is for clinics that do not have one of those sophisticated CRMs that mostly come with inbuilt options for patient feedback.

You should create a gmail id with your clinic’s name to make it more professional, rather than using a personal email address.

The second step would be to create a Google form with not more than 3 to 5 questions.

You may choose either a perosnal form (FREE) or a workspace form (PAID). Benefits ofcourse would differ, but here, a free form serves the puropose too.

Give your form a specific name. You may ask questions on the clinic ambience, treatment/consultation provided, waiting time etc. or simply ask them to rate you between 1 to 10 for their overall experience of that particular visit.

You may upload a picture or logo of your clinic and customize the form’s theme to your clinic’s colour theme .

The third step would be to get the link of the Google form, you can simply copy the link. The link is generally too long, and would not look proessional to send it directly, using this option, you may shorten the URL before sharing.

And then spend not more than 10 minutes each day sharing the link to all the patients who visited that day. You may do it yourself, or get your assistant to do it each day.

You will have a way of accessing the responses submitted by your patients and will be able to create a weekly report. You may pull out this data in an excel and with basic formulas in excel, you can make sense of the data and convert it into information.

If you designed your form well, this data can help you know a lot more about your clinic than you actually do. You may also ask for references in the form itself.