Here’s all you can do with BDS degree

Courses you can do after BDS

I wanted to write this article for a very long time. Finally It is here.

Around April 2020, during the lockdown period, I was helping people with career counseling as a hobby, and I noticed, many who approached me for advice were medical graduates, fresher as well as experienced. They were all from various medical backgrounds such as dentistry, nutrition, physiotherapy, pharmacy etc. and so, I thought of writing a blog with basic information for my dentist friends.

In this blog, I want to highlight a few career options that don’t require a post graduation after BDS. Some of these however, may require an additional certification for a better understanding of the work you may be expected to do and also to make on job training easier on you.

Before jumping on all the options straight away, you must first analyze what is it that you enjoy doing. Since you already have a BDS degree and you want to change/add on another field, it’s important to know where you want to go!. What is it that gives you happiness, one thing that you can do even when you are upset, sad, bored or do not want to do anything.

Here I have listed 7 interests/hobbies/skills here that you can identify and may like to explore.

1.  Writing-

With digital marketing being boosted for healthcare, there is a need of medical writers in the industry. This job only requires you to have a basic medical background and ability to understand the subject and write in a way that the audience would relate with. Hospitals, healthcare organizations, Pharma, medical equipments etc. require content creators and there is a great demand for this skill. Once you get some industry exposure, you may also start freelancing. (more details on how and where to find medical writing jobs in my next blog)

2.       Reviewing /Reading

If you are someone who loves to read and can do that for hours then why not give it a monitory touch. If you do not want to do dentistry full time , for any reason, then reviewing is something you may try.

Medical reviewers are required in clinical research, journals, news papers, Insurance and media industry. You may also join a health insurance organization as a claim reviewer. The pay is pretty good once you have earned some experience and know the game well. You may or may not require any additional degree based on the organization.

International clinical research organizations and consultancies hire clinical research and other research paper reviewers too.

3.       Sales

Sales, as a field, has been defamed and abused by many, but trust me, if you are someone who is good with communication and sales, then sky is the limit for you. As a medico, sales for you will be different from traditional sales, in the sense that, most of the times, your target audience will be businesses such as hospitals, and clinics and not general public directly. However, you may also be given a task of leading a team doing retail sales. Organizations that are on the lookout for medico sales are MNCs in dental materials and equipments, pharma product companies, biomedical companies, and other allied health services industry.

All you need here is a go-getter attitude and you are good to go!

4.       An eye for detail/ Audits

If you are someone who has an eye for details and can do good documentations of your observations in details, then QA (Quality Assurance) is the role for you. There are multiple types of products you maybe required to audit. These can be digital products, media creative, medical communication products etc.

5.       Creativity

I have had many dentist friends who were so good at painting and drawing that I used to feel I am the only one with no creativity. Many dentists have great painting and drawing skills, for those, there is an option of becoming a designer who can, with basic tools training can design brochures and creatives for social media. All the hospitals, clinics and healthcare organizations are now on social media and for their pages they need the content to be converted to a visual aid that can increase engagement from public. (more detail on this in upcoming blogs)

6.       Team management

If you have a knack for dealing with people and managing teams, then you may work as a Centre manager for healthcare chains/clinics. All you need is basic understanding of their processes, which they train on, once you are on-boarded.

7.       Event management

Medical conferences and events need to be planned and managed in great detail. Managing these does not necessarily require a person to have a medical understanding, but can be a value add, if you are given a task to spread the event around to doctors and also manage the speakers (who are mostly doctors). They would connect better with a doctor.

There are various other options as well that you can explore in the industry such as Health IT etc. Do share if you want me to elaborate on any particular role or industry.

Thanks for reading!!