Dentist’s Day Message

dentist day message

Hello to all you dentists out there, here’s wishing you a belated happy dentists day!!

As we all know that the dentist day is celebrated each year on 6th March to thank the dental professional for a commendable job that we are doing and to raise awareness about oral health in the general public.

However, that is not the subject of my blog, I am quite sure you all know these things and are already following the best dentistry practices and helping the society to rise and smile.

I want to tell you something else, something more personal, about your health- both physical and mental. Only we know how much work a dentist needs to put in before one can bill a patient. All these procedures require precision and focus, and thus our postures are fixed for a long time. Like sitting for long hours and continuously working for long hours, sometimes without even a water break while doing a case. 

We may get accustomed to this and feel nothing wrong with going about the day as it is, but when you spend years together without paying attention to your physical and mental health, it may take a toll on you and you may end up having to go through physical pain and mental stress. 

I see many dentists, who are overweight, have unhealthy eating and sleeping schedules, and can’t go without smoking a single day. Some are depressed and some just find themselves caught up in a circle of daily schedules.

My message to all of you, please take care of yourself right now. Every single day, do one thing to add to your physical fitness and one to nourish your mental health.

You may choose to read a book, play a sport, take a walk, or simply sit in a cafe and relax. Do anything that gets you out of your daily schedule of home-clinic-home.

Practicing stretching and muscle strengthening exercises such as Yogasanas will keep your postures in place for a long time and save you of all the physiotherapy sessions you may need in the future. You see, our health also impacts the output of our work. A good result to a patient then has domino effects on goodwill and references too.

So while you are taking time off work to focus on your health, you are in turn improving the quality of your work. Practicing mindfulness helps you focus better and also helps you cope up with any kind of stress you may be having.

Other than these, do spend time with your family and friends. We all have a very limited time on earth, invest that in doing everything you love and be with the people you love. You will notice your energy levels rise and in fact, you will look forward to going to your clinic and doing an excellent job, instead of dreading the routine.

All those who have their own clinics are at the advantage of making their own schedules, do make sure to book an appointment for yourself and book your calendar with an exercise activity or anything that makes you a better YOU!!

Let’s grow dentistry while we grow ourselves!!