5 Must do’s for social media marketing

Covid 19 has pushed us all at least 5 years ahead in technology, especially in the ways we market our practice. Digital marketing has always been a thing for every business, including healthcare. Given its ocean of benefits over traditional marketing, it seems only logical to welcome it with both hands and make it a part of our yearly budget.

Digital marketing all of a sudden became central to a lot of healthcare organizations. While that is a good thing, it also kind of crowded the whole space with scattered messaging and unplanned activities. Most of the social media presence all of a sudden seemed like just a mandated action and not a planned work with a clear objective on paper.

These kinds of unplanned and scattered activities may add to your page activity and your satisfaction, it does not fulfill the purpose of engaging the patients. Rather, it does the opposite; it confuses your audience and puts them off.

Your social media activities need to be planned and there are multiple things you can do to make sure that your plan is aligned to your goals.

Here are the first 5 steps you must take, before jumping into the social media pool.

1.       Have a clearly written goal

Not everyone goes to social media to increase walk-ins  (although that is the ultimate goal of every business there), it is almost always a result of all the actions you take on multiple platforms. You must keep one thing very clear in mind, Facebook and Instagram will not give you direct inquiries and walk-ins. But you must have a social media presence to get visible to your audiences. Most social media activities will help you establish as a brand or act as a brand reminder. Sharing patient stories and testimonials will help you build trust and improve your ranking in the eyes of prospects (should there be a need of a dental treatment they must recall your name and then search for your details on Google)

You see when someone is surfing on a social media platform; they are not necessarily looking for a dentist right. Unlike Google searches (which they would do, when they are looking for an appointment) this is not to de-motivate you to not invest in social media activities but to help you identify your goal and allot budgeting accordingly.

2.       Your brand positioning

Your brand positioning is what you want to be known for. Identify what is it that you want to be known for in your audience. It could be one particular field of dentistry, one particular treatment or a dental clinic that is open on all days.  whether you want to be known as the most trusted dentist or the most caring one. The most jovial or the most sincere one. Whatever it is that you want to be knows as; make that the centre of all your messaging.

3.       Your brand color

You must be well aware that colors speak volumes. All colors convey a message. Thus based on what you want to stand for, choose the most appropriate color. Search on the internet and read on about what each color means and says about a brand and pick one or a combination of 2 to 3 colors that you will use in your communications. Make sure to pick a not so common color, I see many dentists using brown, maybe you can combine it with a secondary color in a way that doesn’t look very common.

4.       Create a page

Your personal and clinic profiles are different and work differently. Creating a page is very easy, all you need to do is just follow simple steps on all the platforms where you want to be present. You may choose Facebook and Instagram both..

For example, on facebook, click on the + icon on the top right hand side on the page and click on ‘page’.







In less than 5 minutes you will have your page ready.

5.       Good quality pictures of your clinic and the team

Clinic pictures give the audience a feel of physical tangibility. It crates familiarity and gives proof of existence. Use the pictures in cover photo and other photos in your page. Pictures must be clicked in clean orderly state, even if a pictures is clicked while a procedure is on, make sure all instruments are well placed and no object is scattered around.

If you have a good parking area, add a picture of that as well, it makes a huge difference.

With these 5 steps in place, you are ready to start creating quality posts and putting them up on your page.

Good Luck!!