Dr. Cool’s life lesson

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Dr Cool was really happy today. His clinic appointments were finally rising and he was getting busy with his work. He was happy to finally be busy with work after about 8 months of lockdown and practically no work at all. He was determined to make the best of every single day and give his best to every single patient.

His next week looked about 60 % occupied and he was looking forward to having a chilling weekend with family. Although the Corona cases had started rising again, he thought it would be controlled since the authorities were now better prepared with the learnings from the first wave.  He was totally convinced that the normalcy is getting restored and very soon we will all be able to lead a close-to-normal life, after all there was no reason to worry at all.

However, just two days after, a partial lockdown was imposed and his appointment strength began to die. He started seeing less and less number of patients each day. This really broke his heart. He had lost a lot of his savings paying his clinic rent and taking care of other expenses. If the same situation arrives again, it would be a money crisis for him. Even after working for 8 years running a decent practice, he couldn’t afford to pay his clinic’s rent and his normal expenses, this was heartbreaking.

With a heavy heart, he went home that day. His family could sense the disappointment and tried to talk him out of it. But, this was not a stress to go away so soon. “Worst days are on the way”, he thought, “how can I relax?”

That night, he kept thinking about ways to get out of this situation and make a great comeback as soon as the lockdown was lifted. He finally fell asleep sometime post midnight.

When he woke up with a strange dream, it was already 8 AM. He rushed through his morning routine and reached his clinic. He kept thinking about his dream and what it meant. So, he thought about sharing his dream with his wife, but couldn’t wait till evening.

Post completing his first round of patients, he called his wife and told her, “last night, I saw myself wandering in a dessert, tired, thirty and lost. I was walking with no direction. I kept walking for multiple days, hoping to find something to quench my thirst with. Finally, I saw a man sitting under a strange tree; you don’t see such trees in desserts. It had all kinds of fruits and there was a large water jar next to the man. I went close to the man, and asked him for help, the man asked me a riddle and said, if I solved it, I would get to eat, drink and rest.”

I agreed.

The riddle, he said, “hunt and eat once, keep and eat twice, generate and eat forever” Before I could give an answer or clarify the meaning, I woke up form my sleep. What do you think it means? I have been thinking about it all day long, and I can’t get it out of my head.”

His wife was equally puzzled and said, let me think about it and we’ll discuss when you come back home. He found some relief and agreed.

When he reached home, his wife was already waiting for him. Dr Cool sanitized, bathed and was ready to hear what his wife thought of this riddle.

“did you figure it out? You smile tells me you did.”

“yes, I did, the riddle talks about, earning, saving and investing”

“hunt and eat once, keep and eat twice, generate and eat forever, oh my god! That makes so much sense” said Dr Cool

Dr Cool, repeated the riddle and what it meant, several times, each time, with more conviction, understanding and absorption. This is a second chance for me. He thought. Maybe, my good deeds are showing me the path. I must take this seriously and follow it.

Dr Cool was suddenly a changed man. He was now looking forward to this partial lockdown, where he could devote his remaining free time to learning investment plans and ways to grow and generate more money from his earnings, so he wouldn’t need to worry about basic expenses, should a time like this comes again! 

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