Dr. Beauty Sinha

Dental Photography

The Journey of Dental Photography

Photography in itself is a great skill and is one of the most common hobbies amongst people. Photography is an universal language. According to wikipedia, It is an art of creating durable images. The world’s first photograph captured by a camera was taken in 1826 by Joseph Nicephore Niepce and was titled “View from the…

Rubber dam dental

Rubber Dam Usage- India & Other Countries

The idea of using a rubber sheet for isolating a tooth dates back exactly 156 years! This notion was first introduced by a young American dentist from New York, Sanford, named Dr Christie S Barnum. Dr Christie, in 1864 demonstrated the advantages of isolating a tooth with a rubber sheet. According to Dr Christie, at…

my first dental extraction

My First Ever Extraction

  Lady, you are only good for cutting vegetables in the kitchen! I hear this and my heart skips a beat. Although I have heard Nandesh sir say this to at least ten females before, but today the sound of it is more scary than ever. Next patient that comes will be allotted to me….

dentistry is saturated

Dentistry is Completely Saturated

If you are a dentist or an aspiring dentist, you must have definitely heard that dentistry is saturated as a profession now. You may have even contributed to the discussion with your expert opinion, giving an example of how there is a dental clinic in almost every nook and corner of your city. ‘dentistry is…