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Dental lawsuit

RCTs and Lawsuits- Fool-proof your Root Canals

A 34-year-old woman from Bangalore sued a dentist and took him to the consumer court after her root canal procedure went awry which caused an infection and swelling of the gum with excruciating pain. Following a court battle which went on for about three years, the woman won a compensation of Rs 60,000 in December 2020. According to the court the filling after RCT was not…

dentistry after covid

How has COVID changed dentistry?

The world has changed post COVID, let’s accept it. Ok, maybe not entirely, but a lot has changed. How the world does business has surely changed. How the employees are hired, trained, retained and fired has changed. The trade and trade-fairs changed. The get-togethers and birthday celebrations changed. Some areas got affected more than the…

Patient feedback

Most Frugal Patient Feedback System

When I speak to my dentist friends about whether they acquire a patient feedback, very few are the ones to say yes and most of them do not. The reason, they say is that they do not understand the patient feedback mechanism and do not want to invest in expensive CRMs and software. This could…